About Gold Beauty


Since 2009, Gold Beauty has been a leading beauty salon specialising in beauty and skincare treatment methods that involve no needles or surgical procedures. Our high standards with regard to hygiene, safety, products and equipments set us apart from the rest of the industry. Our wide range of services include skin improvement and rejuvenation treatments, permanent eyebrow, eye and lip make-up, figure correction, permanent hair removal, zero-surgery face lifts and lip fillers for fuller lips.

Gold Beauty is known for its personal touch, expertise and harmony, from the very first intake session through to our careful treatment sessions and gentle aftercare. Our treatment specialists have all been thoroughly trained in our very own Gold Beauty Academy. We can always find the right treatment for you, depending on your preferences and wishes, to help you look healthy and natural. We are also developing a franchise formula, so that novice and experienced beauty professionals will soon be able to open their very own Gold Beauty branches to benefit from a strong brand with growing name recognition in the Netherlands and beyond.

Visit your local Gold Beauty Salon for beauty treatments without any needles and surgical procedures, based on only the latest techniques & technology, the best equipment and products and highly trained employees for natural results.