LaseMD is an advanced cosmeceutical delivery system that combines a sophisticated laser system with an exclusive line of ampoules based on multi-nanosome granulate technology.

The concept of the Lasemd™ is to combine a mild laser treatment (thulium laser 1927nm) with specifically designed active and effective ingredients (VA, VC, TA, RS) that together stimulate and rejuvenate the skin synergistically.

Since ordinary cosmetics have great difficulty penetrating the skin barrier, resulting in poor absorption, the laser first creates a micro-wound in the tissue, allowing the cosmeceuticals to penetrate deep into the skin more easily and effectively.

The nano-sized molecules of the LaseMD ampoules are optimized for the channels created by the thulium laser. By leaving the stratum corneum partially intact, the specific wavelength creates a reservoir to absorb the active ingredients into the epidermis and dermis.


The magnetic tracking system enables fast treatments by measuring the roll distance to fire exact shots.

  • Speed
  • Ultra-fast procedure: 15 minutes, including incubation and laser time
  • Versatility