Cellulite treatment

Cavitation is a new type of fat removal treatment with lasting results that’s seen as the perfect alternative to liposuction. This method was first developed as a medical procedure and involves using ultrasonic sound waves to implode fat cells. The lymphatic system and blood stream then transport the imploded fat cells to the liver, after which they leave the body naturally. This method cannot be used to remove large quantities of fat, but is used instead to remove stubborn, local fat deposits. It is important that we do not release too much fat, as the body may be unable to process all of it. As such, we prefer treating small zones for great-looking, safe results.

During the intake session, we will check whether you are in good health, after which your treatment specialist will discuss which areas you would like to have treated. The number of sessions required depends on the severity of the fat deposits and the goal you have in mind. For optimal results, you can consider combining several treatments and adjusting your diet. Cavitation is not an alternative to weight loss: it is simply a way to remove small, localised fat deposits.


Contraindications include obesity, liver diseases and disorders, diabetes, metal prostheses near treatment zones and metabolic diseases.


After applying a contact gel, we apply two separate treatment heads to the target area. We then rotate the heads in a circular motion to target as many fat cells as possible. The treatment is completely painless and you will only feel minor tingling and heat. This method will not damage your blood vessels, nerves, connective tissue and skin. This treatment can be annoying for hypersensitive customers, especially when targeting an area near the eardrum.


Excellent, efficient results when it comes to removing cellulite and local fat deposits. Sculpt your desired silhouette exactly where you want it. After the first session, you can lose up to 3 cm.

At 1 session a week, you will see lasting results within a month.

ZoneRate per session
Outer thighs€ 100,-
Inner thighs€ 100,-
Inner * outer thighs (2 zones)€ 175,-
Buttocks€ 100,-

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Body Wizard

Gold Beauty’s Body Wizard Cryolipolysis treatment involves removing local fat by freezing. This treatment involves no needles or surgery whatsoever and has no recovery time. Cryolipolysis is a new way to help you lose fat by freezing fat cells in problem areas, which are then naturally removed by the body.

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