Permanent hair removal

For many, waxing, shaving and epilating hair is a year-round, time-consuming ritual. But why go through all this trouble when you can also remove your hair painlessly, safely, quickly and permanently? Gold Beauty uses a range of different devices & equipment, including our Diode Laser, MedCos and SHR. Our certified treatment specialists will select the device and method that is best suited to you.

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When treating unwanted hair growth, a permanent hair reduction of 80-90% can generally be achieved after 6-8 sessions.

  • Our treatment specialists have been thoroughly trained and are all certified.
  • They can explain in clear, honest detail what you can expect from the treatment and provide the best possible aftercare.
  • All our treatments are carried out with high-quality, Dutch-made equipment.

How many hair removal sessions you will need and the final results depend, in addition to e.g. restrictive factors, on your skin type, hair type and the targeted area. Red, blonde and grey hair, as well as transitional or down-like hair, does not contain any pigment and can therefore not be targeted with this method. Although this treatment method is unsuitable for negroid skin types, all other types of darker skin can be treated.

Area between eyebrows€ 20,-
Jawline (incl. sideburns)€ 50,-
Cheeks (incl. cheekbone)€ 50,-
Upper lip€ 20,-
Chin€ 30,-
Neck€ 50,-
Whole face (excl. ears/neck)€ 69,-
Back of the neck€ 50,-
Shoulders€ 100,-
Armpits (see promotion)€ 59,-
Back (down to waist)€ 150,-
Chest women (incl. areola)€ 60,-
Chest men€ 100,-
Abdomen women€ 70,-
Abdomen men€ 80,-
Bikini line (see promotion)€ 80,-
Bikini line full (incl. pubic area)€ 99,-
Buttocks€ 100,-
Buttocks cleavage€ 60,-
Upper arms€ 100,-
Forearms€ 100,-
Arms full€ 180,-
Hands (incl. fingers)€ 50,-
Fingers€ 30,-
Upper legs€ 200,-
Lower legs (incl. knee)€ 150,-
Legs full€ 300,-
Feet (incl. toes)€ 70,-
Toes€ 30,-

All rates are per session.

Average treatment duration: 8 sessions
Pay for 6 sessions in advance to get 2 free sessions!