Skin improvement

Enjoy younger, more beautiful skin for a healthy, vibrant appearance without any dark spots. With our intensive, safe skincare treatments that don’t require any surgery and involve no complicated substances or side effects. Our treatments help reinforce your skin, minimising wrinkles and pores, lightening pigmentation and reducing the visibility of acne and acne scars.

Our treatments start from € 69,-.


(45 minutes) - IMAGE Skincare

Our skin scare treatments consist of:

  • Gentle skin cleansing
  • Gentle peeling, tailored to your skin type
  • Removing impurities
  • A cream mask (hydrating, soothing or firming)
  • Skin care with a toner, exfoliator, serum, eye cream and day or night cream
  • Advice on how to keep your skin in tip-top condition

IMAGE Skincare

Fractional Laser

Laser treatments are a great way to rejuvenate your skin. Gold Beauty uses the Ellipse Frax (1550 nm), a non-ablative fractional laser. This method activates the deeper layers of your skin and encourages them to regenerate. This speeds up the rate at which elastin and collagen are produced, making the skin look fuller and more elastic. This laser treatment is ideal to achieve the desired result without the use of needles. Gold Beauty can use the Ellipse Frax laser to treat a wide range of skin problems.

Rates | starting from €75

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Bid farewell to dark spots and dull, uneven skin and enter the world of immediate results. After this treatment, your complexion will be that much more radiant, paired with a smoother texture thanks to the ® Rejuvenation Extraction peel capsule and a peel Brightening capsule. We start with a hydrating cleanser and gentle exfoliator. To further brighten up your skin, we apply a ® Skin Lightening Sheet Masque, which minimises the production of excess pigment and thoroughly hydrates the skin. Finally, we finish with potent ZO® antioxidants, coenzymes and sun protection.

Rates | 1 session 250,-
3 sessions 600,-

Carbon laser peel

(45 minutes)

Carbon laser peeling is an effective way to remove wrinkles, large pores, and acne/scars as well as cure oily skin. The carbon laser works from the inside and stimulates sections of the skin that are lacking in elasticity. This boosts the rate at which the epidermis and the connective tissue of the dermis are rejuvenated, leaving your skin feeling firmer and smoothing out fine lines. After just a single carbon laser peeling treatment, your skin will look visibly younger and better. This safe, painless treatment uses the special Q-Switch ND Yag Laser, carbon peeling (medical carbon, high-mineral mud obtained from volcanic rock and various natural plant and herbal extracts) and a carbon lens.

The carbon laser suitable for armpit discolouration

Rates | €100 per session | €250 for 3 sessions


(60 minutes)

Discover your natural beauty with the power of nature
GreenPeel originated in Asia and is the only herbal peeling method that has been used for over 50 years. This treatment can be repeated often, without any harmful side effects, and individual parts of the body, such as the neck, abdomen, upper arms and thighs can be treated as required.

Rates | €130 per session | €300 for 3 sessions

Oxygen Glow

Oxygen treatment by Image Skincare. A relaxing anti-aging treatment based on a unique effervescent oxygen mask. You can actually feel this oxygen mask bubble on your skin! Before applying the mask, we perform a gentle peeling process based on enzymes that remove dead skin cells, combined with microdermabrasion. This allows the skin to absorb the high dose of active ingredients found in the masque.

What does Oxygen Glow do?
This oxygen mask replenishes the skin’s supply of oxygen, giving your skin a fresher appearance, smoother texture and more vibrant colour.

Rates | €125

Baby Skin injections

(60 minutes)

Baby Skin Mesotherapy is an effective way to combat skin aging and treat certain wrinkles that cannot be remedied with fillers or Botox. This skin booster will leave you looking more vibrant and healthy than ever before. Baby Skin Mesotherapy treatment involves injecting a tiny amount of Viscoderm Skinko liquid with a very fine needle. Viscoderm Skinko is a highly effective anti-aging cocktail consisting of non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, B, D, and E, amino acids and growth factors.

Rates| €200 per zone | €350 for the entire face


Cosmelan is used worldwide by skin therapists and dermatologists, it is considered THE standard treatment for pigment. The following skin pigmentation disorders can be treated with Cosmelan

  • pregnancy mask (melasma)
  • age spots (lentignes solaris)
  • postinflammatory pigmentation (post inflammatoire hyperpigmentatie)
  • drug induced pigmentation
  • sun damaged skin

For more information about the Cosmelan treatment, contact us for a free examination.

Price €1499

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Complementary treatments

Casmara masks

(20 minutes)

Casmara is a Spanish brand that offers 8 different alginate masks. These masks are full of active ingredients and can be chosen as an alternative to a cream mask in your treatment of choice.

Rates | €35