Fractional Laser

You can opt for a laser treatment to rejuvenate the skin. Gold Beauty uses a non-ablative fractional laser: the Ellipse Frax (1550 nm). This method activates the deepest layers of the skin so that it regenerates. Production of elastin and collagen is therefore accelerated, as a result of which the skin appears plumper and more resilient. This laser treatment is ideal for achieving the desired results without the use of needles. Gold Beauty can treat various skin problems with the Ellipse Frax laser, including:

  • Acne (scars)
  • Enlarged pores
  • Burn scars
  • Skin aging
  • Rosacea
  • Stretch marks

Scars from a Caesarean section, open heart surgery, or procedures such as liposuction, abdominoplasty or breast augmentation can be reduced by means of laser treatment.

Fractional laser therapy

Before we commence treatment, we assess the condition of the skin with a skin scan or UV photography. Laser treatment with the Ellipse Frax (1550nm) entails applying very small, controlled bursts of heat to the skin. The body will repair this controlled damage itself and replace and regenerate the collagen across the whole treatment area.

Depending on the treatment area, the skin will swell somewhat and turn slightly red. This skin reaction can last for 2-4 days. Skin regeneration can also cause mild peeling the first week after treatment. It is essential to protect the skin against the sun effectively to prevent sunburn.

Number of treatments sessions

Multiple fractional laser treatment sessions are necessary for the best result. The average number of Ellipse Frax (1550nm) laser treatment sessions is between 3-6. A period of 4-6 weeks between treatments is often advised.

Treatment of (acne) scars or stretch marks produces lasting results. However, it is important for the acne to be under control so that no new scars develop, and in the case of stretch marks it is important that the skin is well maintained to prevent new stretch marks.

Small area
(e.g. one scar)
v.a. € 75,-
Mid-sized area
(e.g. forehead, around the eyes, a few scars or stretch marks)
v.a. € 150,-
Large area
(e.g. whole face)
€ 300,-